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Anjali Mudra - The Power of Prayer
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November 22, 2016

Anjali Mudra - The Power of Prayer


Executive Summary

If you are on a spiritual path, this course is a precious gem. There is a mystery and power that lives with each and every one of us, it is up to us to know there are beautiful wild forces within us. Discover them here and now. We will be working together in a very practical course as we explore expanding the warmth, the wealth, the wonder of utilising our palms chakras - secondary chakras. This is a power packed hand position and you will not only discover why but be given genuine practical ways to utilise prayer position. Know that you cannot be taught that which you do not know - this knowledge I speak of in within you, dormant, waiting to be rekindled.

If you have ever attended a yoga class or a church or temple you will be familiar with the classic prayer position gesture of drawing your hands, palms together to your heart centre. At sacred gatherings Namaste, Amen, Shalom, Blessed Be are common closures used to complete at prayer, a ritual or any sacred intent to incorporate the experience into their lives.

However do you know the benefits of this classic position? Come with me and together we will explore the deeper possibilities of this powerful hand position or mudra. (Mudra means hand position in Sanskrit). This is a course presented in two halves. The first half we shall investigate the chakras in our hands, there will be a number of easy to learn very practical, powerful exercises that we will do together to feel into these centres and boost the energy within them. The second half focuses on using the increased power in your palm chakras, once again we are actively engaged together as we discover how to to raise our vibrational level during a series of dynamic movement meditations.

Prayer position is a universal symbol from the priests in the churches to the Dalai Lama peering over his fingertips. It is a little something that is both simple and profound that we can use and take heart from, and find peace within.

What is you heart whispering? Pulling you towards? The power of prayer position will take you into a deeper level of practice. Enrol today.

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  • Anjali Mudra - The Power of Prayer Position
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