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#1 CV Template and 'How to' guide
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September 20, 2016

#1 CV Template and 'How to' guide


Executive Summary

This LifeTune is aimed at anybody trying to get a job or change careers and wants to put together a world class CV. It provides video instructions on how to create a skills based CV, text advice on what language to use and a template.

The current problem with almost every CV I see is that the format is wrong, the words used are embarrassing and people describe past experience that restricts their opportunities, rather than focusing on skills that get you new opportunities.

This situation must change, as there are many good candidates out there who don’t even get the chance to sell themselves due to a mediocre CV, whilst poor candidates do get that chance because they know how to put a decent CV together.

My key experience is that only those who went to expensive business schools or have a quality network generally hit the nail on the head with their CV and it is their experience I want to share.

I cannot guarantee you will get a job, but I can guarantee that with the correct format, my draft template and a skill based CV that you will elevate yourself above the crowd and get your food in the door to achieve the purpose of a CV, which is to get an interview.

When you create your draft CV, share it on the LifeTune CV network and initiate peer-to-peer reviews to perfect it

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