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Music Theory Part 1: Reading Notes and Pitches
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October 25, 2016

Music Theory Part 1: Reading Notes and Pitches


Executive Summary

In this class, we will cover:

  • My approach to Music Theory
  • Tools you will need to learn Music Theory quickly and efficiently
  • Music software: Notation programs
  • The elements of the Score
  • Pitch Names
  • Pitch Classes
  • Octaves
  • The White Keys
  • The Black Keys (not the band!)
  • Half-Steps and Whole-Steps
  • Clefs
  • Intervals
  • Naming Octaves
  • Identifying Notes on the Staff
  • Identifying Notes on the Keyboard
  • Beat and Beat Divisions
  • Tempo
  • Downbeats and Upbeats
  • Dotted Rhythms
  • Time Signatures
  • Ties
  • Accidentals
  • Form in Music Notation
  • ...and much, much more!

You will not have another opportunity to learn Music Theory in a more comprehensive way that this. Start here.

Where else can we find your work?

  • College-Level Music Theory
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