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Sacred Space - Sacred Time
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November 19, 2016

Sacred Space - Sacred Time


Executive Summary

Welcome to this mini course on Sacred Space and Sacred Time.


This is a mini taste of what you may expect from me. Enjoy this offering.


When casting a circle we are entering into sacred time, the time of light and movement where we commune and going in celebration with all of life. It is a chance to acknowledge your own sacredness and the sacredness of the space around you no matter where you are inside or outside. Your heart minds and soul engage with all of the vibrations of life and you become one with all of these vibrational forces.

I always like to start by raising my arms palms outwards to draw up and in the power of universal forces opening my personal medicine space - always the sparks of light start to fill my hands as I begin - this is a signal to me that I have left my ordinary busy life behind and I am entering the 'timeless time" of love and light. I then commonly cast my circle, however if I am feeling a little disconnected and scattered I do a short meditation on anything - the elements, the sun, breathe, I use this time to settle that busy mind. It is commonly only short - this is why I have tried to limit the meditation time so not make it the major focus of this course. It is easy for meditation to take over so to speak.

Please, I really want to you find your way, your words, what works for you. Once you get the feeling you create and co-create with the universe.

By casting a circle we become deeply centred, quiet and we draw on the pure power of ourselves, circle are very protective and allow us to not only strengthen our own energy fields but create a beautiful space that invites true magic to occur in our lives.


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  • Sacred Space - Sacred Time
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