About Us

Our mission is to make learning Quick, On-the-go and Social. We will do this by incentivizing anybody with knowledge to create ‘mini-courses’ and sell them cheaply with those who can get ahead in life by using that knowledge. 

What is a LifeTune?
Covering everything from business management to parenting tips and tricks you'll find everything you ever wanted to know in the LifeTunes Store. A Downloadable LifeTune is:

  • A short 'mini-course' that will provide you with 80% of the knowledge in 20% of the time of longer courses on your mobile phone
  • A networking portal, where you can chat with people in your location who have bought the same LifeTune topic as you 
  • Quality, where real people are selling concise life learnings that helped them get ahead in life, which they would not give away for free
  • Costs the same as a cup of coffee

Watch. Read. Listen. Network. Learn.

The Mobile Market for Knowledge. Sell what you know or Learn on the go

Who Creates the LifeTunes?
You, of course! Anyone can become a LifeSharer as long as they have a lesson to share, it's easy to use, fun to create and with a percentage of the sales going straight into your pocket there is no reason not to share your knowledge - all you need is a keyboard and a camera.

What do you mean its social?

Lets say you buy a LifeTune on ‘How to create a fintech start up in London’. Once you download it, you can see by location who in your area has also bought that LifeTune. Then you can chat and perhaps learn together further.