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Why won't my videos upload?
Videos are limited to certain formats (Mp4 etc) and 100mb. 
Do I have to make a video for my Lifetunes?
Nope, but it is advisable as its likely more people will buy it as multimedia content is appealing
Do I have to buy a fancy camera and recording equipment?
No. LifeTunes wants to democratize knowledge and have minimal barriers to entry. So your phone camera should do the trick.
Do I have to moderate my Lifetunes comments?
If there are any bad comments, notify us and we will deal with it.
How do I promote my Lifetunes?
Whilst LifeTunes will promote your content, it always helps if you also drive sales. We have enabled Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing. However there are many other ways to promote your LifeTune so be creative!
Why does my course have to be reviewed by the Quality Control Minions?
So it is a) not terrible b) as best as it can be and c) makes you as much money as possible.
How many credits do I need in my account before I can cash them in?
We have put a minimal level (not a big level) before you can cash them in so as money is lost on bank transfers. Check out the T&C.
How and when do I get paid by LifeTunes?
We use paypal transfers to pay you. You get paid a certain number of days after you press 'Cash Out' on your control panel.
Can I publish my Lifetunes on any other website?
Yes we encourage you to publish the link to LifeTunes and sell it on other platforms if possible, but recognise your content has a value.
How do I decide what to charge for my course?
Setting the price is not easy. We propose you start with either $1.99 or $4.99 and change it depending on supply demand. However if you know you have something super valuable, go straight to $19.99.


What type of courses can I find on LifeTunes?
There are a number of courses available on LifeTunes that cover everything from business and app development to parenting and traveling on a budget. Each course is broken down into 10 5 minute segments and contains videos, images and text.

Why aren't the videos playing?
Why isn't my course payment working?
How do I refund a course?
Can I change the language of my courses?
How can I pay for my LifeTunes?
What currency can I use to pay for my Lifetunes?
How do I change my account password?
How do I delete my LifeTunes account?
While the idea of you deleting your LifeTunes account makes us pretty sad we can't tell you what to do, so if you really must delete it then follow these simple steps.